Sunday, February 28, 2021
Having a mentor is basically having leakage for a test that may show up. So soak up as much as you can. But don't take in everything. Trust your gut and filter what is relevant.
I've watched ideal businesses disintegrate for various reasons but poor partnerships takes the cake
Those born between 1977-1995, who were somewhat enabled by their parents or guardians and are always challenging the status quo but seek instant gratification hence are heavily in debt so as to keep up with their unnecessary expenses
What is my net-worth? What are my monthly expenses? How much should I have in my sink fund/ emergency fund if I lost my job today?
Fail Hard, Fail Fast, Fail Often.
Want to start a business? Here are some tips to kick-start your venture
Both are innovative and ready to disrupt the status quo. Both are quite passionate and can work in plural fields and cause repeat success.
Always view your disadvantage as a competitive edge to those around you
First and foremost apologies on the silence. I won't lie and say I was busy but it's been generally a few weeks of an overwhelming sense of no motivation. I know I don't speak for myself but lowlights do occur
Gone are the days where one had to cram the Maasai market schedule in order to access locally made merchandise!
Data from Disrupt Africa shows that South Africa bagged the Top Country title with 74 startups getting funded in 2016, followed by Kenya with 46 startups. The third spot was grabbed by Nigeria with 34 startups.
Nduta's 2Cents: Insights on Understanding Loans and Debts in Kenya
Facts on online shopping in Kenya from an eCommerce entrepreneur.