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Best Smartphone Deals on Jumia Mobile Week

Pretty exciting smartphone deals during this year's Jumia Mobile Week

There’s something going on that you might be missing out on: Jumia Mobile week.

During the Jumia Mobile week you get to buy smartphones at highly discounted prices. If not discounts, you get extra perks like buying a phone and getting something free.

Here are the some of the deals you might like.

-Advertisement- Infinix HOT 40i

Click on the various images or on “Link” to get the deals.

Wiko Mobile:

Wiko Mobile week

You can read about the Wiko Slide 2 here.

The Wiko Fever is a device I need to review soonest. But you can go ahead and get it as it is getting pretty positive reviews.


Infinix Smartphones:

Infinix Mobile Week

Infinix is promoting two 4G/LTE smartphones: The Infinix Note 2 and the Infinix Hot 3. Both have 2GB RAM and support 4G networks.

They’re very well priced if you ask me. I hope to review the Hot 3 LTE soon as it is a big improvement to the original Hot 3.


InnJoo Mobile:

InnJoo Mobile week

There’s the Halo Plus and the Fire 2. Good phones with premium finishes.

I’ve never used an InnJoo but none of my friends who’ve got themselves one of their devices has ever complained. Plus, just look at their prices!


TECNO Mobile:

TECNO Mobile week

TECNO has a tablet: the TECNO 7E. And at that price, that’s pretty decent and affordable. They are also promoting the TECNO Y6.

If you need a tablet, there’s that deal by TECNO. There’s also a new TECNO tablet I’m looking to review soon. Soon.



XTIGI Mobile week

You know I never thought them to be a serious company. But they are. And I’m even considering getting an X-tigi phone soon to review for you people.

Their smartphones have hard names as you can see from their poster. Nonetheless, they price devices pretty well, and have good battery life.


Tell me which deal you love most. Or which phone you go for.



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