I’m Switching Back to Google Chrome on Android from Firefox

Didn't last long...

A few weeks ago I moved from Chrome to Firefox on Android. And I wrote a post that went big here.

I love Firefox. It feels light. It is fast. Plus it has read modes and certain small useful features that make your browsing experience quite something.

But I have switched back to Chrome as my main browser. Firefox hasn’t been deleted. It helps a lot with long articles, background YouTube videos, and when I feel like “this page loads better on Firefox”.

The reason I am back on Google Chrome this time isn’t funny or an excuse. Nope. I simply cannot live without the “Tap to search” feature.

It is also way easier to switch between tabs on Chrome than it is on Firefox. 7

Tap to search is just magic for me. It is the reason I have disabled in-app browsing in apps that don’t use “Chrome’s Webview“.

Google Chrome tap to search

So there’s that. I still have Firefox. But I guess I’m more comfortable with Chrome on my phone.

On the computer I have both Chrome and Firefox. Chrome is used for serious work when at home. That’s work to do with this blog. Firefox is used when travelling (good with battery) or when browsing the web and having fun.

Which browser do you use?


Dickson Otieno

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