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Infinix Zero 4 Plus X602 Review

Exciting specs, incredible performance, with a nice price tag. Threatens expensive flagships.

If someone asks me to suggest to them a good phone, I always consider value for money over anything else. You might want to spend 80k on a phone, but I’d rather spend 15k and get something that is valuable, beautiful, lasts long and works perfect. 

The Infinix Zero 4 Plus goes for Ksh. 25,000 and for what it’s worth, you sure get a solid well-built, perfectly designed and incredibly spec’d device.

People tend to say that a phone may pack as many specs as it wants but may still fail to impress when someone uses it.

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Infinix Zero4Plus

That is not the case with the Zero 4 Plus; You touch it

  • you are impressed by the build quality (though it is slightly weighty),
  • you switch on the screen and are impressed by the very bright and incredibly clear 1080p display,
  • you use the device and love its speed and the ease with which it handles tasks.

As people argue that there’s nothing new coming from the world of smartphones; that they all now look and works the same, that they all have almost the same specs, and that we need something new, I feel that the companies doing something new are the ones that are giving high end designs and specs on affordable and mid-range devices

Infinix Zero 4 Sidebuttons
Volume Rockers and the Power Button

Check out my unboxing post.


  • 4GB of RAM and 32/64GB internal storage,
  • Helio X20 Decacore processor,
  • a 21MP back camera with Optical Image Stabilisation and Laser AutoFocus,
  • 13MP front camera,
  • fingerprint scanner,
  • 4000mAh battery
  • and running Android 6 (with Nougat expected soon),

Many would price the device at $400 and above. This device is $250. 

Like I have said, “big” specs don’t necessarily mean a good phone. But that’s not the case here. This phone performs and excites. Let me talk about the things I have loved most

What I have Loved:

  • Design and Quality
  • Display
  • Cameras
  • Battery
  • Performance
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Fingerprint scanner extras

Design and Quality:

The phone looks very good. The all metal uni-body and Gorilla Glass protection gives it a premium feel and finish. The screen doesn’t scratch easily which is a good thing since it is slightly curved and adding a screen protector makes it ugly and uncomfortable to use.

Infinix Zero4Plus and Infinix Zero 4
Zero 4 with the Zero 4 Plus


The display remains the reason I love this phone most. I have considered moving from the Phantom 6 Plus (which has 64GB and all my Apple Music offline albums and Netflix videos) many time because of this phone’s screen.

Only problem is moving all the data, and that the Zero 4 Plus I have is 32GB and I only have a 16GB micro-SD card.

Infinix Zero4Plus Screen
This display is really really good outdoors or indoors. It has that on-your-face clarity.

But the truth is the Zero 4 Plus has a better display than all devices I’ve reviewed on this blog except for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge whose display is on another level altogether.


To be honest, I love the Infinix Zero 4’s 16MP camera better than this. And I have detailed that in this post here.

That doesn’t mean this 21MP camera is bad. Nope.

Still, it shoots larger resolution images. The Optical Image Stabilisation feature makes videos very stable even when moving. You can capture clear images even when the object is moving or you are in an unstable position.

Infinix Zero 4 Plus X602 camera
The Infinix Zero 4 Plus Camera

The laser auto-focus makes colour reproduction even in low lighting accurate and eye-catchy.

I have a full camera test post you should read here. In it I have image samples for you to check out. You can also check out more samples on @TechishKenya on Instagram.


The camera test posts have videos and photo samples you’ll want to see and make judgments of yourself.

Infinix Zero4Plus CameraBump
Camera Bump makes it not lay flat on surface


I have managed to hit 7hrs screen-on time over three times. Normally at the end of the day, I have between 13% and 23% remaining with between 5 and 6 and a half hours screen-on time. This is all thanks to the 4000mAh battery.

Performance and Multiple accounts:

Everything runs smooth on this device. And to maximise use of this phone, Infinix added multiple accounts. The app allows you to have multiple accounts signed in to apps that don’t allow this feature.

Multiple Accounts Infinix Zero 4 Plus
Multiple Accounts Feature

What this means is that you can have two Facebook/Snapchat/WhatsApp etc accounts signed in on the same phone.

Infinix Zero4Plus Speaker Grills
Speaker grills

Fingerprint Exras:

Nowadays every phone does many things with the fingerprint scanner. The Zero 4 Plus does all the common things:

  • Taking photos
  • Receiving calls
  • Scrolling through the gallery
  • Unlocking phone and directly accessing selected apps

But that’s on many phones. The Zero 4 Plus also does the following:

  • You can hide apps and only access them with your fingerprint.
  • You can switch off alarm by touching the fingerprint scanner.
  • You can automatically start recording a call when speaking to a person by touching the fingerprint scanner.

This puts to shame phones that have fingerprint scanners that are only unlock the device.

Infinix Zero 4 About Fingeprint Uncertified
Three things: About Phone, Fingerprint Features and Uncertified Device on Google Play

Extra things:

  • Voice Unlock feature that allows you to access apps by talking.
  • Scrollshot that allows you to take extra long screenshots to show all the info that may not be appearing on-screen at once
  • Screen record that allows you to video record what you’re doing on the phone. Comes in handy when showing how to access something etc.

What I disliked:

  • Device not Certified on Google Play – this could be a problem with this particular device or with something Infinix hasn’t done on their new phones.
  • Camera not as good as Zero 4’s 16MP – but that’s just my take.
  • No USB type C – everything is going USB C.
Infinix Zero4Plus Box and Phone
Zero 4 Plus X602

Where to Buy?


If you are looking for a 25k phone, this is what I’ll be recommending for a while.

If you don’t have 25k, the Zero 4 at 18k is the best way to get this phone’s “looks” and features. Remember still, the Zero 4 beats the Zero 4 Plus according to me in camera.

There are many phones over 60k with the exact same features this phone has. And I’m glad and amazed at how Infinix managed to pull this one off.

What do you think of the Zero 4 Plus?

Look and Feel
Battery Life

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  1. how does an uncertified smartphone affects me ?
    do i still can download apps from google play ?

  2. hey Dickson I just bought the zero 4 plus and its perfect.However after a day the finger print scanner is no longer working claiming that finger print hand ware is not available.what could be the issue please.

    1. Hey Mary, kindly contact @InfinixKenya on Twitter or call their Carlcare customer care (get numbers from the app on your phone) and they should be able to advice. I cannot on the same as I have not experienced these issues.

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