Twitter announces Tweetstorms: Better and Nicer Threads

For people who love threads on Twitter, things are about to get better when Twitter’s new feature will be available to more users. You need to update your iOS or Android App.

Twitter has today announced Tweetstorms, a new feature that is meant to enable better threading for people who love stitching up tweets to share long content or stories on the platform.

Threads can be challenging to create and also to follow. Sometimes something is really interesting but you lose the flow because the thread broke with a wrong reply or a deleted tweet or anything.

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But this is changing with the introduction of the plus button in the composer. This will enable people to write their stuff, stitch it up all together then hit publish at once. Thereafter, one can continue adding more tweets to the “Tweetstorm”.

It will also be easier to recognise a thread as Twitter will be labeling threads with the option of “Show this thread”.

So you’ll be seeing this on your TL when the said tweet is part of a thread:

Twitter Threads

This new update comes weeks after Twitter changed their character limits from 140 to 280 characters. Whether this is a good or bad update, all we still want is the ability to edit tweets.


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