Best Nintendo Games You Would Love to Play Again

We cannot deny the fact that modern games tend to disappoint us. It seems that video game industry fail to create anything truly worthwhile and new and simply emulate and modernize what has been creating long ago.  Of course, the eye-catching graphics, perfect sound, and the characters that are barely distinguishable from real humans cannot but amaze and fascinate players. Unfortunately, we still miss that uniqueness and hardcoreness inherent in retro console games. Suffice it to recollect Super Nintendo classics. What games! What emotions! We were kicking our rivals’ asses in Mortal Kombat, shooting bad guys in Metal Gear, and saving a beautiful princess along with immortal Super Mario! No wonders that presently more and more people take advantage of emulators and NDS ROMs. They just try to reunite with their good old friends whose exploits fascinated gamers from all over the world. Still, are you sure you haven’t missed some really cool Nintendo games? Now you have a chance to familiarize yourself with our short list of Nintendo games that are definitely worth being played over and over again.

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

We couldn’t but start our list with a one of the representatives of Pokémon franchise – Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Released in 2010, the game attracted deserved attention of the international game community. In the game, a player controls a Pokémon trainer who is travelling the game world observed from a bird’s-eye view. The remake’s mechanics is virtually the same as previous versions’. Nonetheless, in HeartGold and SoulSilver, any Pokémon that was caught first can freely follow its trainer. The trainers are also more “thoughtful” and “caring” in this version. They can check on their wards and talk to them. If you haven’t tried this popular enhanced remake, don’t hesitate to download Pokemon HeartGold ROM to play it on your emulator.

Metal Gear

Of course, you are familiar with Metal Gear. But definitely not with that Metal Gear we are going to talk about here.

Have you ever thought about the very first adventure of Solid Snake? No? We are not surprised, since there are very few connoisseurs of retro classics that ventured to come into contact with this relic of the game world. In this game, there is no modern weapons and ammunition. On-site procurement stuff is everything you got on your disposal back then. But is so great to get to know how it all began, isn’t it?

Go try playing the legendary pioneer! Help the superhero of all time infiltrate the enemy camp and restore the justice!

Super Mario Kart

Mario is rightly regarded a gem in Nintendo’s crown. But do you remember Super Mario Kart? The first in the series of Mario Kart launched in 1992? If like go-kart races, you won’t be able to resist the temptation of playing this retro game on your emulator. It will be so exciting to drive in a racing car and pick up all those item boxes that can substantially boost your progress in the game. Nostalgia overwhelms us when we contemplate those red mushrooms! They promise so much fun! You know what else will be fun? To throw banana peels under the wheels of your rivals’ cars! So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get Super Mario Kart game ROMs to reunite with lots of old friends from your favorite Mario franchise!


Our list of Nintendo cult retro games would be incomplete without DuckTales. Scrooge McDuck cannot boast of tons of muscles, brutal look, and cool weapons. But, on the other hand, aren’t you tired of all that stuff? Go see the magic world full of treasures along with your duck friends. This nonlinear game is your key to the old-school adventure and fun. Though you may find controls a little bit tough, we will get a lot of positive emotions while playing DuckTales! Wo-oo!

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