Are you a Showmax subscriber frustrated with the recent app update? If so, you’re not alone. There have been lots of discussions on the same online, and the verdict isn’t entirely positive. The question is: are the parties that make up the new Showmax listening to their customers?

On the latest 24Bit Podcast Episode, we break down the issues in a lively discussion. Some of the topics we tackle that aren’t sitting well with users in the new update include:

  • The Price vs. Quality Disconnect: Viewers were expecting upgrades like 4K content with the price hike, but it hasn’t happened.
  • Sports Fans Feel Abandoned: The beloved Showmax Pro sports package has been shelved, leaving fans scrambling for options on their TVs.
  • Frustrating Login Issues: The new app launch on some devices is glitchy, redirecting users and forcing them to re-login.
  • The Age-Old Problem of Content Discovery: Finding what to watch on Showmax remains a challenge, even in the updated version.

Is There a Silver Lining?

While the overall sentiment is negative, some users report the new app works smoothly on their TVs. Have you experienced any issues? What are your thoughts on the new app, and how has your overall experience been since the switch?

Want to dive deeper into the debate? Tune in and listen to Chenze, Kanali and myself. . Get the full story and weigh in with your own thoughts. Listen now on YouTube, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!


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