Apple should bring 5G support to the MacBook

As someone who has used and loved my 11-inch Cellular iPad Pro from 2018/19, there are three major exciting features on the new M1 iPad Pro. First, of course, the M1 Chip which makes the already really powerful tablet, even more powerful. Secondly, the Mini-LED display, which is a reason to get the 12.9-inch model ASAP. And thirdly, 5G support. While I still live in an area without strong 5G support, I know that once it rolls out, using 5G on the iPad will be so great!

Before Apple announced the new iPad Pro, there were lots of leaks and rumours. I didn’t take most of them seriously because I didn’t see the M1 Chip or 5G coming to the device. I expected perhaps an updated A12 Bionic as we’ve been seeing, and perhaps a new display, and that was it. So the inclusion of the M1 Chip, and bringing 5G to the tablets just a few months after bringing 5G to the iPhones was not something I had in mind. Apple literally made the iPad Pro have the same specs as the new MacBook Air!

Now tell me, why don’t the M1 MacBooks support 5G?

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Currently, there’re lots of rumours on the new updates Apple will be bringing to the next generation of MacBook Pros. While I am quite annoyed that the company may be bringing back ports, after we’ve been forced to use dongles all this while, I am excited to see what could come next. This is especially since the M1 Chip has been so amazing in both performance, and battery life. So where does Apple go from here?

I am guessing 5G would be a good place to start….

With the launch of the new iPhone 12, Apple took so much time during the Keynote to hype 5G. And while it is true many other manufacturers had launched 5G devices, Apple bringing it to its new iPhones was a huge move in making the next-gen network mainstream.

Given the fact the new M1 Chips are ARM-based processors, integrating 5G isn’t particularly a tough task. Apple has already done it on the new iPad Pros. Bringing 5G Macs should be the next obvious step. And since we’ve already seen many Always-Connected Windows Laptops, Apple will be coming in late to the game.

As a user of a 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro, I particularly love the extra long battery life. It allows me to be very confident when using the device, and makes it even more portable. Adding 5G completes it. It would make it the best productivity device, at least for me.

Yes, it may arguably reduce battery life, but Apple can always increase battery size on the 13-inch or upcoming 14-inch models given there’s quite significant savings in space from using the M1 chips. What are your thoughts?


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