Apple should keep the M1 MacBook Pro and Air Designs for a while

With the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, Apple has brought about a new design that brings back the old, and fuses it with the new. The devices are thicker, and heavier and different. And while that makes sense for every PRO-er user who not only wants the extra ports, but also the larger batteries and better performance, for some of us, the old-school design should stick around for a while.

I haven’t stoped saying how much I love my M1 MacBook Pro 2020. It features the same exact design as a couple of Intel-powered Macs Apple had launched in the past few years, but here the design works thanks to the efficiency and low-energy demands of M1 Chip.

When Apple redesigned the MacBook in 2016, they made the laptops thinner, removed the ports favouring USB Type-C only, introduced a new keyboard, and Touch Bar and oh boy did they have problems! For example:

  • the thinness of the laptops meant they would get toasty with Intel processors’ demands.
  • the Touch Bar did away with the escape button and didn’t work with many apps as Apple had thought it would
  • USB type-C meant carrying dongles
  • the new keyboard wasn’t pleasing at all!

Over time though, the company fixed these issues.

The Apple M1 chip works well even without a fan, that’s why it’s even used on the iPad Pro, and on the MacBook Air – both of which are fanless. So the thin look is no longer an issue affecting performance. The Escape Key returned, and more apps now support the Touch Bar. A significant number of people found ways to work with Type-C and dongles. And, Apple brought back the old Keyboard that has no problems.

So with the M1 MacBooks, Apple finally had a design that was perfect for the chipset. That’s why the laptops have ever since received high praise by different users across the world. And that’s why I am hoping Apple sticks to this design.

As someone who writes a lot, and edits videos once in a while, the M1 MacBook Pro serves me just well. I can type on it for hours and hours – in many different places, at many different angles – without ever having issues with battery life, or comfort thanks to its light weight. I am also sure that when I sit down to edit a video – be it FHD or 4K – I will have no issues whatsoever whether I am plugged in or on battery.

For me, with the newly announced designs it feels like I will be losing a couple of things should I upgrade:

  • Weight – I feel like the laptops will be quite thicker and heavier to move around with. So, maybe I won’t be able to use it in just any place like I can with the current ones.
  • Battery life – the new displays – which are very welcome – mean more battery demands. Meaning I lose my incredible long battery life that I currently really enjoy.
  • Keyboard – I don’t like that black on black keyboard at all. I’d rather stick with the previous look forever.
  • Touch Bar – I use my Touch Bar a lot. I don’t get the hate by PRO-er users.

I understand that a couple of things need to change though. And I am happy with them changing provided the current look, design, and weight doesn’t change.

For example, the bezels can be reduced without adding that stupid notch. The SD Card slot and MagSafe connector can be included without making the laptops any thicker. And the Touch Bar doesn’t need to go away, please please.

What are your thoughts?


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