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Here are the Top Artists & Songs Kenyans Streamed on Spotify in 2021

Spotify Wrapped 2021 is now live. Wrapped is the company’s annual round up of the year, and is personalised for each user across the world. Users from all over are now able to see what they’ve listened to most in 2021 in terms of songs, artists, podcast, and much more. This is available on both Android and iOS smartphones.

New addition to Wrapped this year include the ability to download and share summaries of their top stuff on social media. There are also videos from over 170 artists and creators thanking the different users for tuning in to their content.

Spotify officially became available in Kenya this year. The company has not shared any data on how many users they have both paying, and non-paying. However, they’ve made available lists of the top streamed songs, artists and much more as you will see summarised below.

These are the Most Streamed Artists, Songs & Podcasts in Kenya on Spotify in 2021

Spotify Wrapped 2021 Kenya Summary:

Most streamed Kenyan artists on Spotify in 2021

  1. Sauti Sol
  2. Nviiri The Storyteller
  3. Otile Brown
  4. Nyashinski
  5. Bensoul
  6. Wakadinali
  7. H_art the Band
  8. Mejja
  10. Khaligraph Jones

Most streamed artists in Kenya in 2021

  1. Drake
  2. Sauti Sol
  3. Justin Bieber
  4. Kanye West
  5. Burna Boy
  6. Young Thug
  7. Doja Cat
  8. Pop Smoke
  9. The Weeknd
  10. Travis Scott
These are the Most Streamed Artists, Songs & Podcasts in Kenya on Spotify in 2021

Most streamed Kenyan songs in 2021 on Spotify

  1. Nviiri The Storyteller – Niko Sawa
  2. Nikita Kering’ – Ex
  3. Bensoul – Nairobi (feat. Mejja)
  4. Nviiri The Storyteller – Kitenge
  5. Nyashinski – Hapo Tu (feat. Chris Kaiga)
  6. H_art the Band – My Jaber (Friday)
  7. Chris Kaiga – I Want
  8. Mbuzi Gang – Shamra Shamra
  9. Otile Brown – Dusuma
  10. Sauti Sol – Suzanna

Most Streamed Songs in Kenya in 2021

  1. Nviiri The Storyteller – Niko Sawa
  2. Omah Lay – Understand
  3. Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)
  4. Dua Lipa – Levitating (feat. DaBaby)
  5. Doja Cat – Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)
  6. Justin Bieber – Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)
  7. Lil Nas X – INDUSTRY BABY (feat. Jack Harlow)
  8. Polo G – RAPSTAR
  9. The Kid LAROI – STAY (with Justin Bieber)
  10. Olamide – Infinity (feat. Omah Lay)
These are the Most Streamed Artists, Songs & Podcasts in Kenya on Spotify in 2021

Best of Gengetone on Spotify in 2021

  1. Mbuzi Gang – Shamra Shamra  
  2. Trio Mio – Cheza Kama Wewe 
  3. Nyashinski – Hapo Tu (feat. Chris Kaiga) 
  4. Chris Kaiga – Zimenice 
  5. Willis Raburu – Kalale 
  6. Dantez 254 – Ala 
  7. Ethic Entertainment – Daktari 
  8. Ochungulo Family – Pandemik 
  9. Parroty – Lewa 
  10. Noti Flow – Foto Moto

Most streamed albums in Kenya in 2021

  1. Certified Lover Boy – Drake
  2. Planet Her – Doja Cat
  3. Justice – Justin Bieber
  4. Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon – Pop Smoke
  5. Midnight Train – Sauti Sol
  6. MONTERO – Lil Nas X
  7. Donda – Kanye West
  8. Made in Lagos – WizKid
  9. Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa
  10. SOUR – Olivia Rodrigo

Most streamed playlists in Kenya on Spotify in 2021

  1. Today’s Top Hits
  2. African Heat
  3. Hot Hits Kenya
  4. RapCaviar
  5. Made in Kenya
  6. Mood Booster
  7. Mega Hit Mix
  8. Soft Pop Hits
  9. Top Gaming Tracks
  10. lofi beats

Spotify has also rolled out its Wrapped creator experience for artists. With access to their own individualised Wrapped microsite experience, creators can dive into all the ways in which their fans listened this year. Check out Spotify for Artists

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