Some M-Pesa services are currently down

Update: More users are reporting not being able to access M-Pesa services as of 1am Wednesday March 9th.

For the last few hours users have reported not being able to access certain M-Pesa services. These include:

  • Paybill and Till number transactions
  • Banks to M-Pesa and vice versa

Safaricom on Twitter has been responding to users saying:

“We have an issue with M-pesa which is currently under resolution. Please try again later.”

Banks have reported to users that they’re also experiencing issues with M-Pesa transactions. Some have urged users to use ATMs or Pesalink.

This article will be updated once issue is resolved or when more information is obtained.

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  1. The problem started of Friday the 6th May. You can’t do foreign currency to Kes transfers via Wise as they use the pesalink system in Kenta

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