I’ve been on Twitter for a couple of years now. And each year, the most requested feature remains the Edit Button. Former CEO and Founder @jack had in the past said something in the lines that such a feature would never come. Well, that idea is long dead. Especially with Elon Musk’s recent poll.

After becoming the biggest shareholder of Twitter, Elon ran a poll asking if people wanted an Edit Button. Of course, you know the answer he got. Anyways, even though he’s no longer the largest shareholder – and now instead wants to buy the whole company – Twitter already confirmed they’re working on an Edit Button.

Some web users have reported they’ve noticed the button while using the platform. They’ve have shared screenshots of what the button would look like.

As you can see from the screenshots attached in the Tweets above, the ability to edit a tweet will be listed under the three-dot menu.

Right now, it’s not clear when the feature will roll out. Of course, with people spotting it, we may be seeing it in the coming months. Most probably the first people to test the feature will be paying users under Twitter Blue. Later on the feature will be available for the rest of us starting with the Web, then iOS and later later on Android.

How Edit Button on Twitter may work:

It’s not yet clear how Twitter will implement the feature. However, online speculations point to the following things:

  • The edit button will be available at all times. Not for a specified time period after tweeting like people had suggested.
  • The button won’t edit the actual tweet, instead it will send out a new Tweet from which one can view sort of an edit history.
  • Users will not be able to change the audience of a tweet while editing it.

Twitter will need to find a balance between offering a feature, and making sure it doesn’t open up avenues for abuse. For instance, with popular personalities, or with fake news spreading. It will be interesting to see the roll out, and the reception.


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