The Kenyan government is planning to raise fees across a range of essential services, as seen in the Kenya Gazette published on 7th November 2023. This has been met with public outrage. This comes at a time when the nation is already facing tough economic conditions, and the populace is expressing their frustration on social media platforms. Below are the tables extracted from the Gazette which detail the new rates for various services:

New Kenya Passport Fees:

Passport TypeCurrent Fee (KSh.)New Fee (KSh.)
Ordinary (32 Pages)4,5007,500
Ordinary (48 Pages)6,0009,500
Ordinary (64 Pages)7,50012,500
Diplomatic (48 Pages)7,50015,000
Replacement of Lost Passport12,00020,000

New Death and Birth Certificate Fees:

ServiceCurrent Fee (KSh.)New Fee (KSh.)
Birth Certificate50200
Late Registration of Birth150500
Death Certificate50200
Late Registration of Death150500
Registration of Birth in Foreign Missions$50$150

New Kenya Citizenship, Permanent Residence Fees:

ServiceCurrent Fee (KSh.)New Fee (KSh.)
Regaining Citizenship 5,00050,000
Dual Citizenship Declaration 10,000
Passport Endorsements 50010,000
Renunciation 20,00050,000
Citizenship by Marriage 30,000100,000
Children of Kenyan citizens born outside Kenya (processing)100,000200,000
Children of Kenyan citizens born outside Kenya (Issuance)500,0001,000,000
Spouses of Kenyan Citizens (processing)5,00050,000

New Charges for getting an ID:

ServiceCurrent Fee (KSh.)New Fee (KSh.)
Identity Card Not Previously Registered_1,000
Duplicate/Replacement of Identity Card1002,000
Change of Particulars1,0001,000
Identification Reports3001,000

These tables represent the stark increases in fees that Kenyan citizens may soon be facing for critical documents and services. The heightened fees for passports reflect a substantial increase that could impact international travel and mobility for Kenyans. The rise in the cost of birth and death certificates may also affect the most fundamental civil registration services.

The increases in citizenship and immigration fees reflect one of the most significant jumps, particularly concerning citizenship by registration. This could have implications for those seeking to formalize their status in the country.

The announcement of these new rates comes at a time when the Kenyan populace is already grappling with severe economic challenges and an escalating tax regime imposed by the government. The timing and scale of the proposed fee increases have only added fuel to the public’s frustration, with social media channels ablaze with reactions from aggrieved citizens. The consensus among the online community is one of outrage, with many questioning the justification behind such exorbitant rate hikes during what is already a financially strenuous period for the majority.

The government has yet to provide a clear rationale for the proposed increases, leaving room for speculation and discontent to grow. With the cost of living already on an upward trajectory, these additional financial demands pose a significant hardship on Kenyan residents, who are calling for a reconsideration of the proposed fee structure.

The Gazette notice has undeniably struck a chord with the public, prompting a broader conversation about the economic direction of the country and the government’s role in easing the financial burdens of its citizens. As the debate continues, all eyes are on the Kenyan government for its next move in response to the public outcry.


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