Glovo’s “Delivered” Report: A Deep Dive into Kenya’s Changing Consumer Habits

The recent “Glovo Delivered” report offers a fascinating glimpse into the evolving consumer habits in Kenya, highlighting a dynamic shift towards online ordering and diverse consumption patterns. In 2023, Glovo, a leading multicategory app, not only reinforced its position in the market but also revealed significant changes in the Kenyan consumer landscape.

Kenyan Cuisine: A Blend of Traditional and Global Tastes

One of the most striking trends is the resurgence of traditional Kenyan cuisine, with Chapati, Ugali, and Samosa orders soaring by over 50% from the previous year. This surge signifies a renewed appreciation for local flavors amidst the popularity of global cuisines like American and Italian. Interestingly, these traditional dishes peak in popularity on Sundays, especially between 12 to 2 pm, suggesting a cultural inclination towards enjoying local delicacies during leisurely weekend afternoons.

The Rise of Online Grocery Shopping

A notable transformation is seen in the grocery shopping habits of Kenyans. With a 44.9% increase in grocery orders through Glovo, there’s a clear shift towards the convenience of online shopping. The integration of supermarkets like Bargains into the app has further fueled this trend, with a remarkable 150% increase in grocery orders in 2023. This shift is also evident in the scheduling of grocery orders, peaking at 8 am, indicating a move towards more planned and thoughtful shopping habits.

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Premium Services Gaining Ground

Another emerging trend is the growing preference for premium delivery services, as evidenced by the 84% surge in Prime orders through Glovo. This indicates a segment of consumers willing to invest in subscription-based services for enhanced convenience and benefits, positioning Kenya fourth globally in the growth of such premium orders.

Diverse Product Categories: From Pharmacies to Flowers

The diversity in consumer orders is also noteworthy. Pharmacy products saw a 44% increase, driven by the demand for essential health products. The flower category, particularly, experienced a staggering 314% growth, with significant peaks on occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, underscoring the cultural importance of these events in Kenya.

Breakfast and Snack Trends

The report also highlights changes in meal patterns, especially the increasing popularity of breakfast and snacks. Bakery and pastries orders have risen by 89%, with peak times at 9 am and 4 pm, suggesting a shift in work routines post-pandemic. Sandwiches, seen as a quicker and healthier alternative, have also gained traction, with a notable increase in pickup orders.

Glovo’s Expansion and Impact on SMEs

Glovo’s substantial growth in Kenya, marked by a 24% increase in total orders and a 52% increase in partners, predominantly SMEs, reflects its significant role in shaping the quick commerce industry. This growth not only underlines Glovo’s success but also its impact on empowering local businesses and adapting to consumer needs.

The “Glovo Delivered” report of 2023 underscores a significant transformation in Kenyan consumer behavior. From the resurgence of traditional foods to the embrace of online shopping for groceries and daily essentials, these trends reflect a society that is rapidly adapting to digital solutions while maintaining its cultural roots. Glovo, through its diverse offerings and partnerships, continues to play a pivotal role in this evolving landscape, indicating a future where convenience, tradition, and technology seamlessly intertwine.


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