Thursday, May 28, 2020
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This is my main category for this blog. Here I research on topics I am excited about and write posts for your enjoyment. They are long posts and a good column for your leisure time.

You are living in your own world. Everything you see or interact with is thoroughly censored by yourself
Not all hackers can be bad for an organisation: the white hat or ethical hacker can help
You connect the DeX to a desktop, mouse, and keyboard, and a desktop-like interface will appear on the desktop, basically making your smartphone a computer.
From Instagram, to WhatsApp, to Messenger, and now to the Facebook App
We have become so obsessed with the virtual world that we forget that happiness can also be found from off that screen you are glued on.
Writer writes about the reading culture of Kenyans.
Finding ways to get better sleep is the holy grail of life.
Safaricom's grand, and wonderful plan, to dominate the Kenyan market.
I used Snapchat for one week, and I think it's the future. Read on to find out why.
A few questions and thoughts on the unexplainable beauty of all the art that makes up music.
There are small things about technology that affect us and sometimes we fail to notice. My greatest weakness with gadgets, is and has always been, lack of sleep. Sometimes I tell myself "Maybe I'm just not sleepy" or "Maybe...
I love reading, I like to tell myself. Honestly I think I read a lot. I have a list currently of about 29 books to read by the end of the year. Biggest I have read this year had...
I loved the XPeria Z1 and Z2 design. And for a long time that was the standard from which I rated good phone designs. At this time, I had a silent loathing for iPhones (though I had never used...