Monday, January 27, 2020
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Wiko Lenny Specifications

I've been mentioning Wiko Smartphones of late. People are buying these phones in Kenya, I know 3 who emailed and have bought some for...

Tecno Phantom Z Mini Specs and Price in Kenya

Seems like Tecno are actually really proud of their Tecno Phantom Z. They want you to have it. And they want you to have...

What the Tecno F6 Update T12 Does to your Phone

The Tecno F6 is a phone Tecno might be giving more concern than all other low end phones I have seen. The phone overheats...

Bug Fix and Update T12 for the Tecno F6

About 2 weeks ago I listed  the problems that face the amazingly priced Tecno F6. You can read about the problems here. Or about...

Microsoft Lumia 535 Announced and Estimated Price in Kenya

After fully acquiring Nokia's Phone business, Microsoft decided to do away with the 'Nokia Lumia' brand to the new 'Microsoft Lumia'. And this  low...

Tecno H6 Quick Specifications and Price in Kenya

This is a quick look at the Tecno H6. I have done a full review of the F6 and they are almost similar.

Problems with Tecno F6

The Tecno F6 has very fine specifications. I even listed it first on Best Phones currently under 20K. But it faces certain problems, certain...

Full Review of Tecno F6 and Price in Kenya

I will start right off with what you get in the box. It is a big box. Too big in fact for a 4.7...

Sony Xperia SP Quick Specifications and Price in Kenya

A premium feel, with relatively decent specifications and that almost flagship look for around Ksh. 25,ooo. Here is a mid-range phone you might want...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is Lite :-). Lite means a simpler version of something. The Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is therefore a...

Lumia 530 in Kenya for Ksh. 10,000

You can see from the title I didn't say Nokia. I'm not saying the phone is not Nokia Lumia. It is. Its just that...
Windows 10 Start Menu

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Explained

Forget Windows 9 and all the noise we've been having online. On 30th September, Microsoft unveiled the next Windows: Windows 10.

The BlackBerry Passport Has Decent Specs

I wrote this scathing article on the BlackBerry passport before its release. I am not sure whether or not I have changed my mind...

Tecno F5 Specifications

Tecno has quite a lot of phones with the same specifications. I don't still understand their naming plan. There are A's, F's, H's, M's,...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Seems like the metal-plastic war is over. Metal has won. Samsung's Note 3's successor is official and it is a beast! This is the...