Airtel Kenya Slashes Club 20 from 100MB to 40MB

After launching the UnlimiNET bundles, Airtel is slashing Club 20 from 100MB to 40MB. Seriously? Why? Because they want us to use UnlimiNET by force? LOL, I don’t know. I’m just not happy with the move.

Whoever has been using Club 20 knows that this move totally kills usage. What more is there to say? Airtel: NO!!

Anyway the UnlimiNET bundles are so good. I can’t seem to finish the SMSs though. Bundles as usual have already reduced significantly. Though I am assured of high speed Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Gmail even after the bundles are over. I hope images load when my bundles are over. It isn’t the same when free means no images.

Meanwhile the Green Network is still selling expensive bundles. I bet you they will come with something beter. If not, they’ll lose it on Data. They’re already losing it.


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