A new POCO is coming soon

As a Kenyan, if you read that title wrong, that’s your problem.

Even as Kenyans get the chance to buy the Pocophone F1, which officially went on sale on 18th December, rumors of the next version are already ripe. But we are all still not sure as to what POCO India could be teasing.

You will remember that Xiaomi launched the sub-brand POCO back in August while announcing the Pocophone F1 which comes with flagship specs at mid-range pricing. The device first launched in India before expanding to other markets.

Being one of the most talked of devices of the year, it is with no doubt that most people are looking forward to the follow up device. How much more can Xiaomi push flagship specs with their aggressive pricing. Will it be possible? What will they do different?

While the teasing above may be to do with a software update, or a new color variant, or even just more RAM, the Pocophone F2 is already being talked about with rumors suggesting an April launch while more optimistic ones pointing at a February launch.

The Pocophone F2 may come with a 4100mAh battery, a 6.3 inch FH+ display, triple cameras, and either a Snapdragon 845, or an 855. Whatever the specs, it’s already one of the most anticipated phones of 2019.

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