Android 10 comes September 3rd to Pixel Phones

PhoneArena have confirmed Android 10 will roll out to Pixel phones from September 3rd. Their confirmation of the date is straight from Google where a user asked Google Support when Android 10 will roll out to their Pixel phone…. and they answered!

Android 10 coming September 3 as confirmed by this Google Support agent - Android 10 release date confirmed: Here's when Google will release it to Pixel phones

Normally, by now, a new version of Android would have already rolled out. But as it seems, Android 10 has been delayed. And it’s not just that. It seems this year Google is breaking all traditions, because we’ve recently had a significant announcement where the company said they’re ending the tradition of naming the next version of Android after desserts. So no more sweet versions of Android, just numbers.

With the September 3rd announcement, we can (based on how things normally happen) expect phones like Nokia, and OnePlus to be among the very first to receive the final version of Android 10.

Remember HMD Global has already laid out a timeline for when Nokia phones will be receiving Android 10 with their Nokia 8.1 currently receiving the latest Android 10 Beta via an OTA update.

Meanwhile, Google’s next phone, the Pixel 4 is expected in October. Though Google has already revealed it’s design and tech including the Project Soli chip. All that remains is minor specifications and price.

Features to expect with Android 10:

  • System-wide Dark Mode: When you switch to dark mode, it’ll be system wide including switching all your apps.
  • New navigation – No back button: Just gestures. But this will only be for people running stock Android.
  • Live Captions: Media will transcribe in real time. This will help people who are deaf, or hard of hearing.
  • Improved Sharing: When you hit share, it won’t take long to load the different apps, and items.
  • New Permission Settings: Google says Android 10 is designed around Privacy. You’ll be able to choose to allow permissions forever, or for one time use.
  • Support for foldables: For some reason Android 10 will be able to support foldable devices, leaving the software issue to Google so as to let companies focus on hardware.
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