Get 5% back if you use Lipa na M-Pesa from 29th Nov to 1st Dec.

Safaricom has today announced a Black Friday offer that will see its customers get 5% of their spending back when they pay with Lipa Na M-PESA from 29th November 2019 to 1st December 2019.

Safaricom says this offer is available only in select locations. These include over 300 malls and outlets in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kisumu.

In Nairobi, the M-PESA Black Friday offer will be available at

  • Sarit,
  • Westgate,
  • The Junction,
  • TRM,
  • Village Market and
  • Two Rivers.

In Mombasa shoppers can enjoy the offer at

  • Naivas Nyali and
  • City Mall Nyali.

In Nakuru, the offer will be available at

  • West Side Mall and
  • Garden City and
  • Buffalo Mall in Naivasha.

In Eldoret, shoppers can enjoy the offer at

  • Zion Mall and
  • Rupa Mall

While in Kisumu the offer will be at

  • Tuffoam,
  • Mega Plaza,
  • United Mall,
  • Acacia Mall and
  • Westend Mall.

Once a customer makes a payment with Lipa Na M-PESA at any outlet in the participating locations, they will receive an SMS notifying them of their reward. The cash back will be calculated at 5% of any transaction value up to KES 20,000 and is applicable for every transaction during the period.

Customers will receive an SMS notifying them of the cash back. Safaricom hasn’t said anything about Fuliza, which means you probably can Fuliza and get cash back, which will then be used to repay your Fuliza ?.

“The end of the year ushers in the festive season and for many Kenyans, this is a season for celebration with our families and friends. At Safaricom, we will be rewarding our customers every time they pay with M-PESA by giving them 5% of their spending back, ” says Sitoyo Lopokoiyit, Chief Financial Services Officer, Safaricom.

Mobile spending is the most popular mode of cashless payments in the country, accounting for more than eight out of every ten such transactions according to Central Bank of Kenya data.


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