Upcoming Samsung Budget Phone to have a 6800mAh battery

If battery life is the most important aspect of a smartphone for you, then the upcoming rumored Galaxy M41 is the device you should be planning to buy. To be clear, if you’re in Kenya you may have to import it because the M-series isn’t sold here. But given that Samsung Kenya recently brought in the M11 as a “special edition” device, maybe things have changed.

Anyway, the M41 isn’t official as yet. A recent report had claimed it was being canceled before launch, but that appears to be wrong since there has appeared a 3C certification of the battery, and people are taking this as further proof that the device may be announced soon.

From the certification, it is clear that Samsung has a 6800mAh smartphone battery on the works. However, one can speculate that the battery could be used on a couple of different devices, not just the M41. And by one, I mean myself. So we may see the battery on other Samsung devices. And you know they will definitely market it as a 7000mAh battery.

The reason originally given for the apparent cancellation of the M41 was that the company wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the display panels sourced from a third-party maker. If the device is still alive, then perhaps Samsung has found a solution for the panels, or they’ve repurposed the battery for other future use.

All the same, a 6800mAh battery is a pretty huge feat for a smartphone. This is the size found in tablets, and with good optimization, it can ideally do 3 days+. I would totally get the device provided it isn’t too bulky, has a great AMOLED panel, and supports not less than 18W fast charging.

Galaxy M41 or M51 Renders
Could be M41 or M51 Credit: OnLeaks, Pigtou_

We may see the battery in an upcoming A-series smartphone too, because the company normally rebrands some M-series as A-series.

Source: GSMArena 

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