Steer clear of Kilimall Online Shopping

If you’re part of the Reddit r/Kenya community, you’ve seen the trending post on Kilimall running a scam. This isn’t the first of such complaints by affected users. Over the past years, there have been discussions by Kenyans on their experiences with the online shopping platform.

Back in 2017, I wrote an article questioning Kilimall’s reviews. To date, there hasn’t been a public official response by the company. They saw it and ignored it. And from the many responses from that article, you can see there’s a good number of customers who have been affected in one way or another from shopping from the platform.

While there are many other problems customers complain about, the major issue that’s open to everyone who visits the site remains to be ‘reviews’. Everyone wants to know what they’re buying is legit, and that’s why they check out reviews before buying something. Kilimall – I must say, knowingly – makes the reviews appear legit and highly rated to lie to customers. That was the basis of my article in 2017, and from the Reddit post linked above, there’s a similar issue in 2021.

As you can see above, those are five-star reviews for the Infinix NOTE 4 PRO which had just launched. I remember questioning myself wondering how a device that had just launched already had customers reviewing it. How had they purchased the devices, received them on the same day and decided to go online and leave reviews?

Not only is such an action unfair to the customers being tricked, it is also unfair to the brands whose devices have been listed on the site. For example in the case above, it makes it seem like Infinix which at the time was selling the device exclusively on Kilimall, was taking part in the fake reviews.

The good thing is that in 2021, there are very many options to choose from when buying stuff online. Very many companies have invested in, and are trying to make online shopping streamlined. So just steer clear of companies like Kilimall. And if they’re the only one listing a product you want, then try your luck.


  1. Im a victim naona i have been scam on kilimall i ordered a phone on 4th of july last month na to date inasema in transit when i try to apply for refund aikubali for sure why are you scamming people in the name of kenya custom now its 45 days since i ordered.i see the best option here is to report the case juu this is not right at all na nimechoka nayo ill be reporting this to DCI i cant afford to lose that money na current situatiation this should be an example to others .

    1. I think we should camp on their social media accounts until our money is refunded. We should also collectively report them to DCI. Am also a victim of the same. 3 months down the line and no order delivered

  2. Ooh…..kumbe kilimqll is a scam😭…my money gone like that with this economy surely…

  3. I recently ordered an item from them but what l received is very different from what they advertise,worse still my app has no application for aftersale and the customer care service isnt even responding!!

    1. thank God you got samn…been waiting till now 3 months down the line…still shows its in transit….and the kilishop phone number where i was to collect my order they off….wako mteja manze

  4. Worst product quality, arrogant and rude customer care who blacklist you for asking about order. They never refund. Bluetooth 1.0 delivery. Waste of money. Conmen! Stay away from Kilimall

  5. Kindly,kilimall don’t be fraudsters we highly depend on you to supply for us legitimate goods,we as parents and students we request for your honesty..I hope it finds you well

  6. Have been shopping at kilimall, they have consistently conveyed superp service.I accepted my things on constant. will forever shop with them

      1. Kilimall is a scam. I bought a phone and 3 moths are over still in transit. Haha watch ni wezi, thieves at third grade.

  7. Have been shopping at kilimall, they have always delivered superp service.I received my items on real time. will always shop with them

  8. I’ve been using Kilimall since it’s inception in Kenya, and though there are wrong information on the app, it’s mostly by the sellers not the buyers. I get the product and drop my comments there, plus a a photo. A product can’t be bad just because a review was done a few hours after buying it. I love Kilimall, it has a variety of products, better prices, fast and affordable delivery fees and definitely genuine items.

    1. Ukajua what you are talking about, you wouldn’t type this junk stupid piece of shit here cause we are loosing lot of fuckn money through this whatsoever you call kilimall. Wizi ko apa is a no go zone 😕.

      1. I think we should camp on their social media accounts until our money is refunded. We should also collectively report them to DCI. Am also a victim of the same. 3 months down the line and no order delivered

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