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Oraimo Watch 2 Plus Unboxing and Review

In the video below, we are checking out the new Oraimo Watch 2 Plus. This is the second wearable from the company that we are unboxing. The first Oraimo product we checked out was their set of Freebuds true-wireless earphones

We’ve seen a lot fitness bands and smart watches in the budget segment from different companies. It’s a hot market as companies compete to bring fitness features to the mass market. 


The new Oraimo Watch 2 Plus has a recommended retail price of 4,900 Kenya shillings. And the main selling point is the look, and the ability to make calls from your wrist. 

Oraimo says they have presence in over 60 countries and that the brand is trusted by over 200 million users. 

From the video, you’ll notice that the packaging is simple – in black and green. On the sides you get the specifications of the device. 

Oraimo Watch Specifications:

The watch has a 1.69-inch TFT display.  It is IP68 rated for dust and water resistance – however there’s a disclaimer on the box telling you to take the watch off before swimming or surfing. 

It supports Bluetooth 5.2 and one is able to make calls with it. The battery capacity is 300mAh, promising up to 7 days of use. 

What can the watch do?

The watch has a:

  • Blood Oxygen Monitor
  • Respiratory Rate Monitor 
  • Heart Rate Monitor 
  • Up to 24 Sports Tracking Modes. 

Thoughts on how the Watch looks:

It’s a good looking watch to be honest. The rubber straps are soft and nice on the hand. They’re also removable – so I believe you’ll be able to switch to other straps if you want to in future. 

The square screen looks nice too. And though the watch may appear thick, it is not. It’s also very light on the hand. The only issue is the display feels quite washed out.

On one side there are two buttons. They’re quite tactile. Between them there’s what appears to be a microphone. The top button which has a green accent finish is for returning to the main interface. The bottom button is a shortcut button for quickly accessing workout modes. 

At the back there’s quite a lot of text. At the center you get the sensors that help with heart rate monitoring and other trackers. On the side there are two cut outs that appear to be the speakers. And at the bottom you get the charging pins. 

Pairing the Oraimo Watch to your phone:

To switch on the watch after purchase, you plug it in to a charger. Then you need to pair it to a phone. You can use the watch on both iOS and Android OS. 

To do so, you can scan the QR code in the guide book, or search for the “Joywear 2” app on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. 

Once you’ve installed the app, you can choose to create an account or just use it without an account. You then set up your gender, height, weight, age, and target steps. 

Thereafter you give the app permissions to access nearby devices – for bluetooth connectivity, and other permissions later on like contacts and messages and notifications. 

From the App you can change watch faces, and much more including alarms and reminders. You also get to enable or disable certain features. 

Navigation and Apps on the Oraimo Watch: 

Navigating the watch is mostly via gestures. From the home screen you swipe down to access quick settings including a do not disturb mode, a flashlight, brightness lockscreen and full settings button. 

Swiping from right to left while on the home screen gives you access to your daily activity counter, sleep monitor and heart rate. Swiping up from the home screen gives you access to the incoming messages. 

The Operating System doesn’t allow you to install apps – which is similar to most fitness bands in the market. However, to access other features of the watch, press the top green accented button. 

Here you get a scrollable list of features including Breathing Excercises, Stopwatch, Alarm clock and the Remote Camera feature. The remote camera feature allows you to remotely control your phone’s camera from the watch. 

Making phone calls with the Oraimo Watch:

Once you’re paired and connected to your phone, you can now make phone calls from your watch. 

While on the home screen, swipe from left to right to access the menu with the phone dialer, music player and settings shortcut. You can also just click the green accented button and tap on Call. 

Click on the phone dialer and toggle the switch on. You will now be able to access contacts, recent calls, and the dialer to manually enter a phone number. 

The call quality isn’t bad when you’re in a silent area – like a room. However, you’re not going to use such a feature outdoors. 

Reasons to get the Oraimo Watch

The main reasons to get this watch over other fitness bands in the segment is because of Bluetooth calling. Other fitness bands don’t offer support for this, so if that’s something you like or want to have, here’s a budget watch offering the same. 

What are your thoughts on the watch based on the video? Would you get one?

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  1. You mean one can get a whatsapp notification on the smart watch 2 plus that’s so bad, I regret purchasing it after I got to tru to see if I can have notification on it

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