Apple Music subscription fees shoot up in Kenya

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber in Kenya, on your next renewal you will discover new prices across all the different tiers. Apple is increasing subscription fees.

Here are the new prices for Apple Music in Kenya:

Apple Music TierOld Prices in USDNew Prices in USD
Students1.99 monthly 1.99 monthly
Individual 2.99 monthly 3.29 monthly
Family 4.99 monthly 5.49 monthly
Individual Yearly Plan29.00 annually32.00 annually
Remember Apple still charges Kenyans in USD

The journey:

2016: Apple Music launches in Kenya offering 3 months free trial. Costs $4.99 monthly.

April 2020: Apple Music becomes available to more African countries.

May 2020: Apple slashes prices for Apple Music by 50%. Costs $2.99 monthly.

February 2022: Apple reduces free trial from 3 months to 1 month

May 2022: Apple increases students subscription from $1.49 to $1.99 monthly.

October 2022: Apple increases subscription prices for all other tiers as shown in table above.

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