We probably won’t be in good terms with some iSheep after this post. iPhones are overrated. Apple give you the same thing over and over again and you still but it. You still fall for it.

One thing I personally hate about iPhones is the Screen size. The previous iPhones were 3.5″. Who’s seen the low end Galaxy phones? I have a few here. Yeah, the previous iPhones were no larger than that. And then they tried 4 inches. You’ve seen the Galaxy Trend? It is a little bigger.

Now why the heck would I buy a phone that doesn’t even fit my hands? I bet that’s the reason why the iPhone 6 will be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. I like how they’ll say something like “This is the best iPhone ever… It has an updated Siri, a larger screen, and an even larger screen for the 5.5 one… blah blah” and Apple fanatics will be staying sleepless from the 5th of September. The iPhone 6 may be unveiled on 9th September. You wait and see how they’ll make noise. Soon. Remember 2010?


Now to the ridiculous pricing. The company spends about $100-200 dollars to make even the latest iPhone and then they sell it at $600 dollars. Yep. You iSheep give Apple money to the tune of 500% profits, on the higher side, for the same old design. Same old OS. Same old unveil-lings. Same old bugs. Same old metal. Same old piece of box.

The accessories are another thing. You’ll get ridiculous pricing for simple accessories and Apple won’t apologise. They won’t even care.

Whether it is a simple thing like bumper or charger, the only way to get reasonable price, is buying non-Apple accessories for Apple products.

What about the applications? What applications are free from Apple’s App Store?  Are they quality applications? I mean, I get 1,000,000 plus free Applications on Android Play Store. They are too many I don’t know which to pick. And it is this freedom that Apple doesn’t give to its customers.

Talking of freedom, on my Android phone, I can freely upload my music from my computer. I don’t have to use iTunes daily for a simple process. I can swap my SD card with colleagues when I don’t have time to transfer large content. I can quickly share my stuff via Bluetooth/ Wifi Direct or NFC without any hustle. Re-read this paragraph. These are things no iPhone out there can do. Even bloody Bluetooth is an issue with iPhones. And you still buy them.

By the way iSheep, can you replace your phone battery? Do you have SD cards? Can I send you my video through a small bump? Do you even have SMS delivery reports? Haha, even the simplest feature phone has SMS delivery! Oh, and did you know Apple only introduced video recording capability a few years back? Yeah, they launched the first iPhone when it couldn’t record videos!

Finally, here’s a video on how Android users view Apple Announcements:

What do you think of the upcoming iPhone 6? Will it be any good?