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My favourite things about the Infinix Hot 6 Pro

For many people, 15k is the maximum amount they are willing to give for a smartphone. And that’s why there’s a lot of competition around this price range as every manufacturer is trying to have the best deal. One of the best deals at around 15k is the Infinix Hot 6 PRO.

You can get either the 2GB/16GB option at 12k or the 3GB/32GB option at 15k. Everything else is pretty much the same for both devices.

I have been using the Infinix Hot 6 Pro for a while now, if you’ve not yet watched my Unboxing Video do so, and these are my favourite things about the device:


Infinix Hot 6 Pro
Headphone Jack, Microphone, Micro USB Port, Speakers

My first Infinix smartphone was the Infinix Hot Note. I think this is the 6th iteration of that smartphone. The 4000mAh battery the phone came with was its biggest selling point. The Hot 6 Pro also features a 4000mAh battery that I guarantee you will last you more than one day on normal use. I have been comfortable charging the phone after two days after spending a lot of time online especially on YouTube and Twitter, both on 4G and WiFi, and taking pictures to test out the cameras. Not a single day have I been scared it would die on me. Even if it is at 10%, I remain confident the device can still push me for a while. If you’re looking for a phone with really good battery, this is the phone. For me, it offers much better battery life than the already amazing TECNO Camon X and Huawei Y7 Prime 2018.


For a 720p panel, this is one of the better, brighter ones. I have been interacting with 720p panels of late, and I was happy when I first unboxed this device and found out that the display looked good. Colours are accurate, display just pops and the vibrance isn’t lost because of a lower resolution panel. If you’ve read my Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 review, you saw me complain about the lack of vibrance on Huawei’s display. I have no complaints about the same on the Hot 6 Pro. For 15k though, I wish the display was 1080p. We all know it is possible after seeing the amazing display on the Infinix Note 4 and the Infinix Note 4 Pro.


Infinix Hot 6 Pro
Volume Rockers and Power Button

Though the phone is slightly on the heavier side, something I won’t even dare complain about since there’s a 4000mAh battery inside, the design of it is something I must appreciate. I wish it was a full metallic finish. Also, if you watched 24bit unboxing, you know I wish I had the black version of the phone. I know the gold version looks really good, but there’s a couple of colour options, and the black, blue and red versions look really good.

The 18:9 aspect ratio is good to see, though we need slimmer bezels than this. Also, I don’t like the thin black band that goes round the display. Doesn’t affect look, but would be nice not to have it. All in all, this phone looks good.

Back Cameras:

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Kenya
13MP+2MP, Plus Gold Shine

You know what, there’ll be a full camera review post in a few hours time on this site where I will upload a whole gallery of pictures in different conditions to show you just what sort of pics you can take with the Infinix Hot 6 Pro.

Both portrait mode, normal mode, night mode will be shown and you can judge for yourselves what sort of pictures the cameras take. Personally, I like that the cameras aren’t a setback. Like, you’re not compromising much in the camera department by getting a smartphone at this price point.

Value for Money:

Infinix Hot 6 Pro
SIM Tray: dual nano SIM slots, plus Micro-SD card slot

Just last year, a smartphone for around 15k meant a normal display, a single back camera that wasn’t so good, a sizeable battery, 1GB or 2GB RAM at best, and 16GB internal storage. This phone is doubling down on that. I like that you’re getting good specs, agreeably good cameras, and incredible battery life.

What I have a problem with:

  • Doesn’t support Faiba 4G – this should be a must by now.
  • No USB C – why???
  • No Fast Charging – why???
  • Some apps force closing – this is something I hope Infinix can solve quickly via a software update. I’ve noticed on my device that there are many instances where YouTube, Pocket and Chrome have force closed without any reason.

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