Monday, January 17, 2022

Delete these Android Apps Now – They’re stealing your Facebook Credentials

You’re once again advised to delete a couple of apps, if you for some reason have them installed on your phone. This is one of the many lists we will continue to make every time a bunch of apps are found to be pushing malware to Android users. You can find other lists down below.

This time, Cyber Security Firm Evina has found the following 25 apps to be stealing users’ Facebook Credentials. Google has already removed the apps from the Play Store. But if they’re on your phone, you need to get rid of them.

Also, if you’d logged in to any of them, or just as a cautious move, make sure you go to, and rid them of access by going to Settings > Apps. Also, after doing that change your Facebook password to be fully safe.

Here’s the list of apps:

  1. Super Wallpapers Flashlight
  2. Padenatef
  3. Wallpaper Level
  4. Contour Level Wallpaper
  5. Video Maker
  6. Color Wallpapers
  7. Pedometer
  8. Powerful Flashlight
  9. Super Bright Flashlight
  10. Super Flashlight
  11. Solitaire
  12. Accurate Scanning of QR Code
  13. Classic Card Game
  14. Junk File Cleaning
  15. Synthetic Z
  16. File Manager
  17. Composite Z
  18. Screenshot Capture
  19. Daily Horoscope Wallpapers
  20. Wuxia Reader
  21. Plus Weather
  22. Anime Live Wallpaper
  23. iHealth Step Counter
  24. tqyapp.fiction
  25. iPlayer & iWallpaper

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