Samsung Galaxy S8 receives its final update as company ends support

Samsung is sending out the final update to the Galaxy S8 device. The device which was launched back in 2017 has been receiving support and updates from Samsung ever since.

The final update is rolling out to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The Galaxy S8 Active and the Galaxy S8 Lite will still be supported by Samsung for the coming year with the S8 Active receiving Quarterly Updates while the S8 Lite receiving Biannual Updates.

Samsung has proved to be very committed to supporting its devices over long periods of time. This is something they weren’t so good at before. However, they recently stated that their devices from 2019 will all be supported for up to 4 years, beating many OEMs including Google with their Pixel line.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was a device I really liked. It had an amazing display, and amazing design, and remains one of Samsung’s best designed S-series. I wish they kept such designs and sold them under different names with new internals. That’d be nice. Check out my review of the Galaxy S8+ here.

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