Zuri Health launches program to support people with chronic illnesses

Zuri Health has announced partnership with Pharmaplus pharmacies limited to launch “Continuous Care Program”, to offer support for people with Chronic illnesses. The company says the collaboration aims to transform chronic care patients’ lives by offering a wide range of healthcare services including medication management and access.

Zuri health explains that people suffering from chronic illness have complex health needs that current health-care delivery systems do not address or provide in a seamless manner.

The Continuous care program is a people centred program that seeks to cater to and provide ongoing support to an individuals health needs and desired medical outcomes. 

Usually, there are many things to factor in; follow-up appointments, drug prescriptions and refills, nutrition plans, and lifestyle changes. Sometimes, remembering to take drugs can be quite a task for some people.

It would be easy for busy executives, parents with children and other family members depending on them or anyone else with a hectic lifestyle to neglect their health demands despite their best intentions.

Thankfully, Zuri Health has developed a new service to help such people, especially those with chronic health conditions like hypertension or diabetes, keep up with their healthcare demands. 

The Zuri Health Continuous Care Program has been created to help people never skip a doctor’s appointment or take their drugs ever again. 

As a subscriber to the Zuri Health Continuous Care Program, you have access to:

  • Prompt and timely drug refills with delivery to your location at no extra cost 
  • A free pill box
  • Regular, virtual checkups and consultations from one of our continuous care doctors
  • Latest updates in medical research concerning your specific healthcare concern
  • Regular, virtual consultations with an in-house nutritionist 

Through this partnership, Zuri Health and Pharmaplus Pharmacy will work together to provide convenient and affordable healthcare options for individuals and families with Chronic conditions. The goal is to make it easier for people to manage their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Pharmaplus Pharmacies Limited,” said Ikechukwu Anoke, CEO Zuri Health. “ Their expertise and commitment to quality care make them the perfect partner for us. This partnership will allow us to better serve patients with chronic health conditions or continuous healthcare needs such as frequent medication refill.

This will lead to increased access to appropriate medical resources, increased engagement with their own care and enhanced communication with members for the care team. The program reduces the frequent doctors’ visits and hospitalization.”

“Being a Kenyan brand and understanding the needs of our people, Pharmaplus is striving for a healthcare that is both comprehensive and extensive. Through this relationship and our strategic locations across the nation, many clients will be reached, serviced and overall well taken care of” Stated the CEO Mr. Vincent Marinai.

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