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This table breaks down all the 47 Counties in Kenya and their respective County Codes. This is a resource that wasn't readily available on Google Search so we are adding it with this post to make it easier for everyone Googling to find their code.
Smart band Giveaway

Smart Band Giveaway

Smart Band with Heart Rate Sensor Giveaway
2019 Kenya Census ReportDownload The main objective of the 2019 KPHC was to collect information on the size, composition, distribution and socio-economic characteristics of the population. This information will be used in planning, budgeting and programming for important services; future...
Jumia Anniversary June-July 2019 has some exciting smartphone deals you should check out. I've seen some incredible deals if you're looking for a new smartphone.
This is the best origin story for any superhero. But not only that, this is the best female superhero film. DC’s Wonder Woman felt like a forced origin with no steady storyline. This one is way better. A thousand times better
2018 Recap

2018 Recap

Happy New Year from Thank you for making this site what it is, all of you.
Avengers: Endgame opens April 26th 2019. Hope the internet can #SaveTonyStark. 
My Spoiler Free Review of the greatest Avenger Movie to date
Thank you for reading this blog and making it what it is. It is now 4 years!
I am giving away shopping Vouchers for Jumia Mobile Week
I thought of the best ways to write a unique story to share with you people about not only the success of the 5 girls from Kisumu whom under Lakehub have made global news, but also the story of...
Some have called it the best movie since Dark Knight