The Internet wants NASA to rescue Tony Stark

Even if you hate scrolling through your phone all day, sometimes no matter how hard you try, the internet will win. Some things are beautiful, some things are awesome, while others are downright crazy. Like they did surgery on a grape!

Marvel dropped the trailer for Avengers: Endgame a few days ago. We’ve waited months to see what happened after The Decimation. And from the trailer, we learn that Iron Man is in stuck in Space with no food or water, and with oxygen about to run out .

Now, the internet people want NASA to save him. So they’re sending NASA messages on Twitter, on Facebook.

If NASA doesn’t respond, perhaps Elon Musk’s SpaceX should come to the rescue with their BFR (now Starship).

I’m just wondering what Robert Downey Jr. thinks of all this. Avengers: Endgame opens April 26th 2019. Hope the internet can #SaveTonyStark.

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Dickson Otieno

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