Energizer Phones and Powerbanks now available in Kenya

Remember the Energizer brand? I am sure very many of you grew up seeing the Energizer logo somewhere in your house. Most notably on batteries that powered those now dated torches. Well, the company still exists. Or rather, their brand is still alive. And you can buy their devices locally.

Sometime back, we saw the overly ambitious Energizer PK18K POP. It was a crazy phone that came with a non-removable 18,000mAh battery. Yes, you read that right. Those zeros are the right number. It looked so weird, so big, and so insane – with Energizer claiming up to 50 days of use on a single charge. Yes, who wouldn’t want a smartphone they charge once every two months?

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Look at how big it compared to a normal-sized phone. Literally, Energizer fitted a powerbank to a phone. Or the other way round, depending on how you look at it. Unfortunately, this was just too crazy. The product was canceled. The indegogo campaign didn’t take off, and inasmuch as some people made noise about how they couldn’t wait to buy it, most didn’t.

Anyways, the brand still exists. And the company behind Energizer’s devices, Avenir Telecom, seems to be slowly building a footprint locally. Though from the explanations I’ve been given, they’re still not coming in officially. Instead, they’re using third parties to sell their devices.

Energizer Phones and Powerbanks now available in Kenya
Energizer Phones and Powerbanks now available in Kenya 5

Some stuff you can buy locally include:

  • Energizer smartphones
  • Energizer feature phones
  • Energizer powerbanks
  • Energizer Wall adapters
  • Energizer USB Accessories
  • and even Energizer Car Chargers

I’ve received a couple of units from the seller for review, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts through social media, and through posts, so look out for those.

Here’s what I have

  1. The Energizer E500 – A budget phone that costs KES. 5000
  2. Three 10,000mAh power banks – (another giveaway?): There’s two that support USB Type-C fast charging with Power Delivery, and Fast wireless charging, and one normal for the usual phones.
Energizer Phones and Powerbanks now available in Kenya
Energizer Phones and Powerbanks now available in Kenya 6

The thing I’ve noticed with the powerbanks, and even the smartphones, plus the accessories, is that the asking price is quite reasonable. I am especially impressed with the fact that a USB Type-C powerbank supporting PD and Fast Wireless charging can be purchased locally for less than KES. 5,000. If they prove really good over the course of my use, then I’ll totally recommend them.

On the matter of smartphones, a lot of things will be in play before they can establish themselves really well locally – I believe. First, will the specs compete well with the specs from devices from other companies? Second, how good will the cameras perform? Third, how good will the devices themselves look, and will they last long? Fourth, will they receive updates?

Tell me, are you ready to buy Energizer branded smartphones? What are you most looking forward to?

The company says their official website will be live soon, and from there people will be able to buy these devices directly. However, for now, you can get some of the accessories through You can also reach out to them by calling +254725218506.



  1. Definitely would want to check out the power banks. Given that they have been in the power industry.. I was literally on the floor laughing at “who wouldn’t want a phone that you charge once everyone two months” ? ? ?

  2. I believe they can win the Power bank game. All my wireless mice and remote control use Energizer batteries

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