It’s so hard to recommend the Samsung A-series in 2023

Here’s a dilemma: I love Samsung devices. You can watch my S23 Ultra review which is all praise. Or you can check out many of the reviews on this site where I always praise Samsung phones for their incredibly clean software, and sturdy build quality. However, with the new A-series for 2023, there are two issues that make recommending them so hard for me. These are:

  1. Prices
  2. Chargers and Accessories

The company has recently introduced the new A-series for 2023 in the market. According to the press release we received, all these phones: Galaxy A14, A24, A34, and A54 should be available in this market. We didn’t receive information on recommended retail prices, but from Samsung’s official online retailer these are the prices you can expect with these devices:

  • Galaxy A14 – KES 24,995
  • Galaxy A24 – KES 31,995
  • Galaxy A34 – KES 44,995
  • Galaxy A54 – KES 54,995

I shared the same with someone who wanted a set of Samsung phones that are not the Fold or S-series, and their reaction told it all. Their immediate response was “What of OPPO or Xiaomi?”.

What exactly happened between 2019, when Samsung was totally taking back market share, and 2023 when you have to force yourself to consider a phone with 4GB RAM for KES 32,000? Meanwhile the market is saturated with phones from competitors offering up to 8GB RAM and 256GB storage within the same price range, or even less.

While you can point at taxes and the failing shilling in comparison to the US dollar, you cannot honestly argue that only those two make a device like the A20 (which I really loved) move from KES 16,500 to over 30k in three generations.

And the kicker is that all these devices don’t come with a charger in the box! No earphones, no protective case, no nothing. Just a phone and a type-C cable.

As a reviewer, as someone who constantly receives questions on recommendations of devices, how do I convince someone to pay 45k for the A34 and still not get a charger in the box, nothing in the box! Meanwhile a competitor within the same price range includes a 120W charger that fills up their phone in just 19mins?

Do a sample of Samsung’s competition and see how many include 18W, 33W, 45W and even 65W chargers at way cheaper price points.

I can already hear arguments of how battery will be degraded and blah blahs. But you know that’s not the case. And I’ve reiterated that very many times.

What’s even more frustrating with this issue is:

  1. Samsung is the best when it comes to software updates for all their devices, unlike most of the competition.
  2. Samsung has unified its design language making these new devices very similar to the S-lineup in looks.
  3. The Galaxy A34 and A54 even have IP67 water and dust resistance ratings, something most of the competition can’t boast of.

But are these three things enough to convince people to buy the phones at those prices, and without chargers? What do you guys think? And which phones are you looking to buy, and why? I would love to hear your arguments on this topic.


  1. I have been cycling through the A5* series but the latest price jump for A54 mmediately made me compare w other flagships. Have now moved to Pixel 7

  2. Samsung phones is not for everyone and has its fan base. They offer premium quality and operational smoothness.

    They many brands today in the mobile market, but fee have been able to standout.

    Samsung, Apple,Sony and Pixel are brands with top notch phones.

    Am not talking about global sales.The Chines e brands are good but you should be weary of “substandard goods packaged in gold”.

    Some good Chinese brands include Xaomi,OnePlus & Huawei, but you can only be assured that the flagship’s are more reliable.

  3. I agree with this 100%. I am a huge Samsung fan. Have been for years. I had a Samsung J8 up until March 2022 when the phone died on me. However at this point I was considering getting a new phone anyway so it just hastened the process. I really wanted to get the A33. However when they announced the price, I simply couldn’t buy their stuff. The asking price of 35K didn’t make sense at all. The A23 was the next best option but it was severely lacking in specs and the design was just bad. That’s how I ended up with the Redmi Note 11. What this phone offers for the price is just crazy.

  4. For 54k comes the competitor poco F4 aka redmi k50 series, Samsung made a big miss on this one,
    For that money it’s better to get an older galaxy flagship, again another problem with older Samsung models is the battery life they’re terrible

  5. But with samsung at least I get at least 4 years of android updates and 5 years of security updates , these other companies like tecno or oppo leave u after 1 or 2 years and u are seated with some phone which is outdated. But if u want a samsung phone I would recommend the s21 FE , its really cheap as of now and u get the premium features.

  6. I rather go for tecno and infinix instead of the Samsung coz if I can get 8gb expandable to 16 plus 256 GB at price below 30k…why should i for the galaxy with 4gb

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