Tech4Dev Welcomes 119 Kenyan Women to the Women Techsters Fellowship

119 Kenya Women Join Prestigious Tech Fellowship in a Leap Towards Gender Equality in Tech

In an impressive stride towards bridging the gender gap in technology, 119 Kenyan women have been welcomed into the Class of 2024 of the Women Techsters Fellowship, a program by Technology for Social Change and Development Initiative (Tech4Dev).

The Women Techsters Fellowship, celebrating its third year, stands as a beacon of hope in narrowing the digital divide between men and women in the tech realm. This tuition-free program, spread over a year, offers young African women aged 16 to 40 an opportunity for comprehensive tech education. The learning journey, comprising six months of in-depth training followed by a six-month internship, extends across 22 African countries.

The year 2022 witnessed 68 Kenyan women gaining admission into the fellowship. However, 2023 experienced a surge, with 342 aspirants from Kenya, of which 119 emerged triumphant in the stringent selection, marking a significant 57.14% increase from the previous year.

Participants in the fellowship undergo training in sought-after tech domains such as Software Development, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and more, preparing them for pivotal entry-level roles in the tech industry.

On a broader scale, the program, initially intended for 22 African countries, expanded its reach owing to overwhelming applications from over 40 countries. A total of 2014 beneficiaries were admitted across 33 African nations, with Nigeria leading with 1669 participants, followed by Kenya’s 119.

Joel Ogunsola, the Founder and President of Tech4Dev, emphasized the program’s role in Africa’s economic landscape, stating, “The Women Techsters Fellowship transcends bridging the tech gender gap; it’s an investment in Africa’s economic future. Through this initiative, we’re not just empowering individuals; we’re investing in the future of the entire continent.”

Echoing his sentiment, Oladiwura Oladepo, Executive Director at Tech4Dev, highlighted the transformative power of technology in promoting social change and inclusivity. “The Fellowship is a manifestation of this belief, reaching out to girls from indigent communities across Africa. Our increasing program demand signifies our commitment to sustainability in diminishing the digital gender gap,” Oladepo remarked.

In summary, the Women Techsters Fellowship is revolutionizing the tech industry by empowering women with essential technical skills and contributing significantly towards gender equality. Tech4Dev’s persistent efforts are not only fostering diversity in the tech world but are also setting the stage for a more inclusive and prosperous future for Africa.

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