Thursday, October 22, 2020

Startups & Ideas

Nice ideas. What I think is good. What’s up in the startup world. Such like posts. I’m hoping for a unicorn in Kenya ☺

One Acre Fund cut payment losses and collection costs by over 80 percent, boosting farmers’ satisfaction and economic opportunity
African startup founders looking to raise Series A funding and above will be selected by the PitchDrive team to embark on a landmark tour that aims to build stronger networks between European investors and African tech talent.
Applications open for HiiL Innovating Justice Accelerator
With support from prominent African investment groups, XL Africa will help the 20 selected start-ups attract early stage capital between $250,000 and $1.5 million
Pitch ideas to Investors on a cab ride with UberPITCH
This Startup is here to help you buy from international e-commerce sites and deliver to Kenya.
Intelligent advice that will come in handy and be of a lot of help when you're founding your startup
The holidays are finally here. You know it is never really 'holiday' until it is December. For me at least. Before I give you the list of phone to check out this Christmas, I have something interesting you should...

Welcome to Lakehub

This post originally appeared on I am the guy on Twitter who was asking why there are no start-ups in Kisumu. I was almost ranting but thanks to @AmazingKisumu, whoever runs that account, I found a hub. Not a...
Google+, Facebook and Twitter. These are the best known and most commonly used social sites worldwide. One would be excused if they say it is impossible for a new site to come and take over the social media scene....
Each passing day the world witnesses new inventions that awe us. The consummate will of human beings to go beyond the conventional stuff and achieve more amazes me daily. Just some days ago the whole world was amazed by...