Infinix has updated all their latest Smartphones with Android Nougat

Infinix doing what other companies have failed to do

One thing that many companies fail at doing is sending out System Updates. That’s why Android Version distribution still looks like this:

Android Version Distribution
Android Version Distribution

But Infinix is doing it differently with their smartphones. The have a line up of devices:

  • High ends being the Zero line,
  • mid-range being the Notes and
  • low ends being the Hot series.

This year they also cemented their last years S series for selfies.

Their current line-up of devices is as follows:

All the above devices are currently receiving Android 7 Nougat through an OTA Update. And Infinix is even helping out their users with the update problems.

I don’t know how Infinix plans to sell new devices to customers. Will new phones come already running Nougat or will a user have to update themselves?

Anyway, Infinix is beating major brands like Samsung, and even their sibling TECNO in sending out updates.

All I can say to Infinix:


Have you received your Nougat update?



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