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iTel S11 Selfie Series Review

Hanging out with the iTel S11 has been a bit of fun over the past days. Considering it is a 7k phone, there’s much one would expect to put them off at first – the display, the battery and the cameras. But you don’t get that with this phone.

The iTel S11 has an agreeably good display and good battery life. The cameras perform just fine. And as you saw from my unboxing post, the front camera is not that bad.

What’s in the box?

The phone lacks an attractive specs sheet. It isn’t something to go wow you at first. It is kind of like the phone you get when you are out of cash or as a replacement phone especially if you are one who’s been using 10-15k phones. But it could still make it as a full time phone for many people.

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The bright display is good. You see the way some cheap phones have these horrible displays that kind of look like there’s a glass on top of another panel where the real thing is? This doesn’t feel like so. No it isn’t those displays where the content is gloriously on your face, but it does a good job for just 7k.

Micro-USB port at the bottom


The design is good. See photos and conclude for yourself. It doesn’t feel cheap when you hold it. The size is good on the hand. It is light. The free flip-cover that looks like leather, though it makes the phone a little bulky, is also handy and makes the phone comfy. The fake metallic finish makes it look better than if it were just plastic all over.


We had established the front camera, this being a selfie phone, is not that bad. Though not that good.

Front camera is huge. LED flash also included

The back camera cannot perform in low light. In adequate lighting conditions, you get some shots that one can work with. Not good. Not so bad.

Here are some samples:

Sample 1:

Eh… sio mbaya sana

Sample 2:

Not so bad

Thoughts on the images?


When you have like 6 apps open, then you get it all laggish and annoying. But with simple use and not much switching between apps, you can use it very well.

Chrome Browser works well. So does the Facebook official app.

Volume and Power buttons

Multiple Accounts:

Setting up Multiple Accounts isn’t so hard. So you get to enjoy WhatsApp on your two different accounts. Or multiple accounts for Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.

The flipcover

Battery Life:

This battery isn’t bad. 2400mAh sounds like a lot of disappointment. But with this phone you can do your whole day and retire with even 25% still remaining.

What’s even better with the iTel S11 battery is standby time. For real, leave the phone at 89% you’ll find it at 88 or 87% a day later.

The back finish


One rarely finds good sub 8k phones. It is very hard to be happy with a phone at those prices. This one is a comfortable device: it looks good, feels good and can be your to go for phone if your budget constrains you.

What are your thoughts? Any phones at this price that you think people should consider?

You can check out iTel Phones on Jumia.

Battery Life
Build Quality

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